Option Trading FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions by our students. If you can't find answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us.

What does "Stock options" mean?

Unlock the power of stock options, a versatile financial product granting the right to buy or sell assets at specific prices. They offer essential risk management and diverse trading strategies, providing flexibility for hedging, arbitrage, and portfolio optimization.

Master options trading with TOP! Our expert instructors and unique approach guide you from account opening to advanced strategies. Step-by-step instruction eliminates confusion and uncertainty. Start your options journey now!

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What is the relationship between options and stocks?

Dive into the interconnected world of options and stocks. Options, a type of financial derivative, depend on stock price and volatility. They offer risk diversification and asset protection. Combine option contracts to leverage market volatility and maximize returns in the stock market.

Options trading is a powerful tool for managing risks, but understanding the concept and associated risks is crucial. Seek professional advice before starting your trading journey.

Expand your knowledge with TOP! Our expert team and unique teaching approach will guide you step-by-step, addressing any confusion. Start your options journey today—contact us to register today!

How can options provide me with weekly income?

Options trading presents the opportunity to generate short-term cash flow, enabling regular settlements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These strategies are commonly referred to as income strategies. Each income strategy has unique applications, and there are also more intricate multi-contract strategies that offer a higher level of stability in generating cash flow.

Are you interested in learning about strategies that can consistently generate weekly cash flow? Do you want to know the tips for setting up these strategies and understand the hidden risks associated with them? 

All of this knowledge and more awaits you in TOP’s options trading training courses! Don’t delay any further – reserve your spot in our basic course today!

What is the format of the courses? Are they taught in Chinese or English? Are they conducted online?

Experience the pinnacle of options trading education with TOP. Our core principles revolve around quality, standardization, and customization. Each course is meticulously tailored to meet your unique trading needs, providing personalized one-on-one instruction. Should you require group classes or have special requirements, we are here to accommodate you.

Classes are conducted via online video or phone conferencing, and you can select your preferred language of communication, whether it’s Mandarin Chinese or English. We offer flexibility in adjusting class details and format to cater to your specific inquiries and preferences.

For any further questions about our classes, our dedicated consultants are eager to provide prompt answers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and embark on your options trading journey today!

Which platform should I use for trading options? Are there any transaction fees?

Discover the world of options trading platforms offered by major stock trading providers. Transaction fees range from free to $0.6 per contract, ensuring cost-effective trading.

Still unsure about choosing the right broker for your options trading needs? Concerned about opening an account outside of the US? 

Worry no more! Contact us today! TOP provides expert guidance for account opening, regardless of your location—whether you’re in the US, China, Taiwan, or any other region. Our professional assistance ensures a seamless account opening process. Additionally, our courses include personalized guidance for account opening and form filling, currently available for the US, China, and Taiwan regions. Say goodbye to unnecessary headaches and start trading options in US stocks quickly and effortlessly.

Can I choose my instructor?

Experience the ultimate stock options trading training at TOP. Our comprehensive program offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level options knowledge, led by our exceptional team of instructors. Choose your favorite instructor to embark on an incredible journey into the world of options trading.

In our beginner courses, you’ll gain a deep understanding of basic option trading concepts. From there, you’ll progress through our structured curriculum, mastering option trading principles and various strategies. Our step-by-step guidance ensures clarity and comprehension as we explain key elements of options trading. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality learning experience, setting you up for success in your future investments.

For experienced traders who have already mastered the fundamentals, we offer intermediate and advanced courses. After passing an assessment, you can choose the course that aligns with your goals from our course outlines. These advanced courses are exclusively designed and instructed by our esteemed senior mentors.

Are options a risky investment tool

Stock options give individuals the right to own or sell assets. When used appropriately, they are not dangerous tools. Investors use options to manage risks effectively, while traders leverage potential risks for increased profitability.

However, if options are used without understanding their operating principles and risks, they can significantly jeopardize an investor’s portfolio value. It is crucial to learn and understand the principles and risks of options before establishing suitable investment strategies.

Ready to start using options but worried about choosing the wrong strategies? Find the answers to all your questions in TOP’s basic course. This course will eliminate confusion and hesitation when it comes to options, making it the best choice for getting started with options learning. So, why wait any longer? Reserve our basic course today!

Do I need to know technical analysis before trading options?

Unlock the power of technical analysis in stock trading, providing valuable insights into price trends and patterns for effective entry and exit points. While understanding stock technical analysis can enhance options trading strategies, it is not a necessary approach to profit in trading. The key is to choose methods and strategies that align with your risk management needs and interests.

Curious about combining indicators and analytical methods with options strategies? Want to leverage your analytical skills for profitable options trading? The answers to these questions are within your reach. All you need is the right teacher and the correct knowledge.

Discover all of this and more in TOP’s basic courses, designed to eliminate doubts and confusion about options. It’s the ultimate choice for beginners looking to dive into options trading. Don’t wait any longer—reserve your spot in our basic course today and unleash your options trading potential!

What should I do if a stock has already increased in value and I missed out? What should I do if I lost in stock trading?

Don’t let market peaks trap you or uncertainty paralyze your trading decisions. With options trading, you have the ultimate solution at your fingertips. Whether you’re sensing market bottoms, experiencing declining stocks, or feeling lost in stock fluctuations, options trading offers the potential to safely profit from volatility.

But it’s not enough to just know about this powerful financial instrument—you also need a knowledgeable guide to navigate the world of options. That’s where TOP’s instructors come in. With extensive practical experience and personalized one-on-one courses, they are the best choice to help you get started with options trading.

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your trading journey. Reserve your spot in our basic course today and unlock the potential of options trading with TOP!

What happens after completing the foundational course?

As a graduate of the foundational course who has passed the TOP Options Basics Seminar Exam, you will receive the prestigious TOP Certification Badge. This badge serves as a valuable credential when applying for our advanced courses, showcasing your expertise in options trading.

But that’s not all. As a graduate, you’ll also gain exclusive access to real-time group communication. This means you’ll receive practical guidance from our professional trading instructors, allowing you to cultivate the wisdom and courage needed to thrive in the dynamic stock market.

At TOP, we firmly believe that knowledge and wisdom combined with action are the keys to becoming a winner. So why wait? Reserve your spot in our foundational course today and embark on your journey to financial success!

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