Our Expert Options Trading Coaches are Bilingual in English and Chinese Mandarin.

Option Trading Coach Vanessa


Coach Vanessa C is a professional options trader and trainer. She has trained a lot of students from knowing nothing about the stock market to successful options traders. She is specialized in strategy planning. Her return of investment rate is 28% to 44% return.

She is also one of the top trainers in TradeOptionsPro.

option trading coach steven


Coach Steven C is a senior instructor at TOP, specializing in multi-legged strategies such as Condor and Butterfly. He is an expert in strategy planning within the TOP team. With his ability to interpret market risks in the medium to long term and his proficiency in stock market mathematical models, he can easily transform any indicator into brilliant options strategies. His exclusive “Ultimate Parachute” strategy, which focuses on stable long-term asset growth, is considered a must-know secret weapon in contemporary options investment.

coach Stephanie


Coach Stephanie L is excellent in options trading. She is specialized in day trading. She has been doing day trade for over eight years. Coach Stephanie also has steady stocks and options contracts gain for past few years under her strategy. She is also an expert in real estate.

coach Mona


Coach Mona T is perfect for beginners to ask any questions from opening the account, how to read options charts, how to set strike, etc. Coach Mona T is specialized in trading monthly options contracts and risk management. Her return of investment rate is 15-20% annually. 

Coach Michelle


Coach Michelle Y is specialized in selling options contracts for weekly income. She is great with single leg variations. She is also our representative in the Taiwan branch. She has been a great options trader for more than five years. 

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