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TradeOptionsPro will help you reach financial freedom with our powerful options strategies
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TOP Has The Answers!

check      Want to trade US stocks outside the US but don’t know how to open an account… TOP has the answers!

check      You heard people make steady weekly income from the stock market and you want to know how… TOP has the answers!

check      Worried about losing assets due to a market crash but don’t have a solution… TOP has the answers!

check      Do you always feel anxious and rushed during option trading… TOP has the answers!

check      Dream about making passive income from the stock market … TOP has the answers!

check      Want to know how to remedy stock losses and recover asset values… TOP has the answers!

TradeOptionsPro knows ALL the answers to your stock options trading questions!

Learn From The Best Coaches

Our coaches teach students valuable skills for trading options and provide support when needed. Our bilingual coaches are proficient in both English and Mandarin.


Option Trading Coach Vanessa

Coach Vanessa C is a professional options trader and trainer. She has trained a lot of students from knowing nothing about the stock market to successful options traders. She is specialized in strategy planning. Her return of investment rate is 28% to 44% return.

She is also one of the top trainers in TradeOptionsPro.


option trading coach steven

Coach Steven C is a senior instructor at TOP, specializing in multi-legged strategies such as Condor and Butterfly. He is an expert in strategy planning within the TOP team. With his ability to interpret market risks in the medium to long term and his proficiency in stock market mathematical models, he can easily transform any indicator into brilliant options strategies. His exclusive “Ultimate Parachute” strategy, which focuses on stable long-term asset growth, is considered a must-know secret weapon in contemporary options investment.


coach Stephanie

Coach Stephanie L is excellent in options trading. She is specialized in day trading. She has been doing day trade for over eight years. Coach Stephanie also has steady stocks and options contracts gain for past few years under her strategy. She is also an expert in real estate.

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What Our Students Are Saying About Us:

Ethan Z, San Diego USA

I have been trading US stocks for over ten years and a lot of times I feel like I spent so much time on the stock market but my profit and loss is almost even.😆 Until one of friends talked about her options coach and training when met for coffee. Options is such a powerful tool to apply in the stock market. Doesn’t matter which direction stocks are moving, I all can make profit. That’s so different as trading stocks. I am grateful I had a proper training from coach Vanessa to fulfill my knowledge and many strategies. She is really good with strategy planning. Now I get to plan my move before I enter the market to get profit. I can call myself a smart trader now😁

Michael T, New York USA

Options trading is quite complicated. Trust me, I watched so many YouTube videos, and still have no clue how to enter, how to target, how to set my strike price. I was cheap cause I want to learn from YouTube for no cost. But it turns out I don’t really understand this game. Even lost some money from it. Until my neighbour mentioned his strategy in options trading and how he set up. Then I realized I may need to pay tuition to learn options to have the proper training. I took the basic training from Coach Stefani. It’s a very different trading and learning experience compare to YouTube learning. I get to ask questions and the learning process are step by step. It took me three months to finish all basic training. But I am eager to take the intermediate level from TradeOptionsPro.

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